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Flight Instructor's Renewal Course (FIRC): Some Thoughts

I had set a calendar reminder for November 31st: "RENEW CFI"

Surely it would take me a month to get signed up for the course, get through the courseware, and get the paperwork appropriately processed and in the FAA's mailbox to beat my December 31st expiry.

This, thankfully, was not the case.

Two years ago after I had gotten my CFI a colleague of mine recommended American Flyers to me for the Flight Instructors' Renewal Course when the time came. It's a one-time $99 fee for a lifetime of FIRCs plus a few extra dollars each renewal for the benefit of printing your temporary airman's certificate as soon as their DPE reviews the paperwork, which took barely 24 hours for them to do. This part is awesome. Nobody wants hassle when renewing their CFI, and more assuredly, nobody wants to spend longer than they have to, whether an active CFI who has all that information reasonably close at hand, or the occasional instructor who just wants to keep their CFI current.


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