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Your 2018 Ridiculous Holiday Aviation Gift Guide

If you're a procrastinator and need a last-minute gift for the aviation junkie in your life, well, you should probably avoid this list. In fact, everyone should avoid the items in this list. Here is your 2018 Ridiculous Holiday Aviation Gift Guide.

Top of the list is and forever will be..."Remove Before Flight" gear. There's the somewhat innocuous keychain or bag tag:

But things quickly escalate from there. "Remove before flight" kitsch are always, well, kitschy. There's this necktie, that I'm pretty sure only your weird uncle would wear. But the worst offenders are the undergarments. "Hey honey I know you know how much I love airplanes...wouldn't it be awesome if you had something aviation-related to set the mood?)

A close runner-up to this top (bottom?) spot is a newcomer to the market, leggings with sectionals and ATC radars screen printed on them from Some of their stuff is great, but nobody wants this:

"Hey hon…

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