The perfect home

There used to be a list going in our house of all the things we want to be included in our dream home--waterfall shower, butcher block countertop, stone barbecue to name a few--and recently a barn has made the list with the addition of horses to our lives. But by far the thing I want on my dream home list more than any other is a hangar. One that leads to a runway, preferably my own.

I bet any GA enthusiast has heard of or seen these oases of aviation living and drooled at the very thought of it. I first got my taste of the good life at Stellar Airpark in Chandler, AZ (example here) where the guy who sold me my Cherokee lived. Simply put, it was amazing. Garage in front, hangar attached to the taxiway in back. If you ask me, it doesn't get any better.

Or does it? I came across Big South Fork Airpark in Oneida, TN, and I believe it has exactly what I'm looking for. Really, they've stolen my idea without knowing it. The creators of this luscious runway-ed paradise have paired possible the two most expensive hobbies imaginable: flying and horses. I think it's the best of both worlds; you get two great hobbies--however expensive--at one location. Put it nearer to 50 driving miles to a nice medium-sized city like Reno or Colorado Springs and I'm sold.

If someone is feeling bold, taking this a step further would be to create one's own paradise. Each of the aforementioned airparks have big flaws, whether location, amenities, or price. So why not make one's own? I will skip my detailed figures, but by my count a modestly-sized airpark could work on 80 acres. That's enough for a 3500' paved runway and taxiways connecting about 40 homesites. I think it's an exciting prospect--any takers for venture capital?

So added to the southern-style portico with tall pillars and arched double front door, I think my airpark sounds like a wonderful thing to add to our dream house list.

I have tentative approval if the barn is awesome enough...


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