Tactical pause

Too many penguins on the iceberg. That describes my life over the last year up until literally three days ago. Not like I have an enormous readership eager to read my next blog, but I literally have a list of topics I've been dying to write about; I even read a great historical novel (rare for me) that I've been wanting to review for the blog but I just haven't been able to put pen to paper. It practically writes itself, but I could hardly lift a finger. For various reasons I haven't been able to gather two bits to form a brain byte.

Mainly my energy over the last year has been soaked up in a job transition from the Air Force to the airlines. I'm happy to report that it's been a wonderfully smooth transition. However, preceding my last day on active duty and until three days ago I was very busy in my desk job, still flying the line to plus up on my hours, keeping what felt like a dozen airline applications current every other week, and keeping a family of five healthy and thriving to the best of my ability. Once the uniform changed, it was still nearly three months of various forms of training, away from home during the week of course, and during the 36 hours at home I literally could not drag myself out of the house even to mow the lawn.

Now that training is over and operating experience (OE) is nearly complete, I am ready to resume my extracurriculars. Stand by for more words, literally.


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